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Sophie Feng

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we share useful information and resources to help people know more about food additives in their daily diet and custom chemical on industry.

Hi! This is Sophie Feng. one people who working long time on food industry and custom chemical company. i write and share different useful article and blog about food additives, feed additives and flavors fragrances. if you like it you can direct reprint it and leave one link to our site.

We also can help clients to source and purchase different raw material of food additives in China. for our own company also can do custom chemical synthesis  for client. if you have need feel free to contact with me.

Thanks to Google, we found Grade chemical company online and bought the right food additives for our food factory at a lower price than others. This allowed us to expand our business within two years.
Jessica Heim

Gradechemical.com is dedicated to providing reliable information about food additives, flavors fragrances, feed additives for our readers who’re sourcing information for the ingredients in their food and industry. 

We are trying to bridge the knowledge gap for our readers by illustrating every ingredient from the following six aspects: what is this ingredient, the manufacturing process, uses, approved safety, possible side effects and common FAQs.

We also can help clients to source the different raw material of food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates from China market.

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